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18 July 2012 at 00:00:00 by sarissa2

Congratulations to the group of Dr Beata Sperlagh who have recently had a paper accepted in the British Journal of Pharmacology. This paper is notable in that it uses several different Sarissa products including biosensors for ATP, adenosine and glutamate.

Heinrich A, Ando R, Turi G, Rozsa B, Sperlagh B (2012) K+ depolarization evokes ATP, adenosine and glutamate release from glia in rat hippocampus: a microelectrode biosensor study. Br J Pharm 167: 1003-1020.

A commentary was written on this paper:

Sershen H. (2012) Astrocyte origin of activity-dependent release of ATP and glutamate in hippocampal slices: Real-time measurement utilizing microelectrode biosensors. Br J Pharm 167: 100-1002.

This commentary concludes:

"The ability to specifically target synaptic responses, as with therapeutic agents, can only be answered with future techniques that enable a resolution at the cellular and temporal level focused at understanding these complex cellular interactions. Possibly more can be learned with microelectrode biosensor-based measurements to delineate these processes."

We could not put it better ourselves!

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