2nd Biosensor Workshop

11 April 2011 at 00:00:00 by Wenjue

Sarissa Workshop April 2011

Eight participants from different corners of the globe attended the second Sarissa workshop held at the University of Warwick. After an introductory seminar by Prof Nick Dale on the principles and potential pitfalls underlying biosensing, guest speaker Dr Alex Gourine (UCL), a long time user of biosensors, gave a fascinating talk on his own experience with biosensors in the context of autonomic control.

The workshop then moved onto practical matters and the participants were paired with instructors to see the biosensors in action and get hands-on experience. This year we were lucky to have Gary Yang visiting from University of British Columbia. Gary was performing a collaborative project with Nick Dale on adenosine release in pancreatic islets and using the new state of the art 7um carbon fibre biosensors developed by Sarissa. So in addition to a variety of demonstrations with ATP, glutamate, adenosine and lactate biosensors in brain tissue (Rob Sims showing adenosine release and Ca2+ imaging, Jan Lopatar showing adenosine release during seizure activity, Boris Klyuch demonstrating exocytotic release of adenosine in cerebellum, and Shakila Bibi showing lactate and glutamate release during hypoxia), Gary was able to provide a demonstration of biosensor use in the very different context of pancreatic islets.

After a break for lunch, experiments resumed with participants being able to rotate round the different demonstrations to gain a better understanding of the biosensors in action and more hands  on experience. By the early evening, the workshop itself finished and we moved onto a convivial dinner in Kenilworth for the instructors and the participants.

We give a big thank you to Wenjue Wu for once again organising the occasion and the instructors for sharing their experiences and skills with the participants and demonstrating their great enthusiasm throughout.

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